How to Make Paper Mache

How to Make Paper Mache To satiate your creative requirements, you would need to indulge yourself in some creative affairs. For instance learning how to make paper Mache can be an innovative hobby as well as a skill. If you know how to make paper Mache, you can create various kinds of sculptures, dolls, puppets and fruit bowls.

You can embellish these sculptures by painting them. Diverse kinds of patters, designs, colors and drawings can be made on paper Mache. The best part about paper Mache is the surface is easy to paint or design. Learn today how to make paper Mache and win the hearts of children or use these sculptures to adorn your home. Use the color scheme and design that matches your home décor. Rather buying expensive decoration pieces create and enjoy being admired. Easy steps to how to make paper Mache are given below.

Ingredients required

  • Newspaper
  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Large container or bowl
  • Paint brush
  • Base structure
  • Water

How to make paper Mache

  • Tear off long strips of newspaper. Ideal size, width, for these strips is 2.5''.
  • Prefer tearing newspaper over cutting with scissors. This is to give a better finishing. When cut strips are used they do not give as nice finishing as torn newspaper does.
  • You can use variety of methods to choose the mixture from. You can use flour mixture, wallpaper powder or glue mixture.
  • If you are not making anything huge, use one part of flour with one part of water. However, for huge projects, use glue mixture –that is two parts of glue and one part of water.
  • Bring about the consistency in the mixture by mixing the mixture thoroughly with the help of a paint brush or a spoon.
  • Dip the newspaper strips in the mixture.
  • Start putting these strips on the base structure.
  • Create more and more layers to get a better shape.
  • Try placing the structure on any curved surface.
  • It takes approximately 24 hours for the structure to get dried.

You can make any design, size or shape and on the top of it paint it with the colors you want. If you do not want to use strips of the newspaper, then you can use any shape. Use sealants to make the paper Mache water proof. Latex gloves should be used as hands get really messy and sticky when you learn how to make paper Mache.